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Consulting Arborists

We provide specialist advice backed by experience and internationally recognised qualifications in arboriculture. We are AQF Level 5 arborists that are actively involved in maintaining up-to-date information on this fast developing industry. We attend seminars, courses, and trade shows to make sure we are current with the latest advances in the industry.

Tree Risk Assessments

Trees provide us with many benefits, but with these benefits come varying degrees of risk. Tree Risk Assessments can be conducted on trees at varying degrees to suit the situation. Our qualified arborists assess the tree to identify potential hazards depending on their species profile, overall health, defects, site conditions, history, and other detailed investigations if required. Tree Risk Assessments help you to have a better understanding of the threat the tree may pose to people and property, and they also provide you with mitigation options to reduce these risks.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

These assessments are required by a number of Councils in the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions, and are conducted when a proposed development will impact the existing trees on site. Our arborists assess the retention values of the trees based on the development plans. This report is then submitted to council with your development application (DA). A poorly conducted Arboricultural Impact Statement can cause substantial delays in council, so be sure to utilise our experienced arborists to get your DA approved without delay.

Heritage Trees

We provide consultancy work for trees that have heritage value or are listed as heritage items. If you own a tree that you think should be listed as a heritage item, we can provide the investigation and report to present our case to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage who then determines if the tree should be added as an item of heritage significance.

Tree Health

There are many reasons that trees can begin to decline, and we can give you the best advice concerning your situation. We will determine why the tree is suffering, and provide you with a range of treatment options. Our team can then carry out the treatments on your trees to give them the best chance of survival. We can also provide valuable advice on how to maintain healthy trees in your garden. Treatment options range from a simple watering system to advanced tree injection treatments, but first we identify what the problem is to prevent spending money on treatments that do not correct the issue.

Nutrient Application

We perform all kinds of nutrient applications, including root feeding, vertical mulching, leaf mulch, organic fertiliser, fast release, slow release or inorganic NPK fertiliser. Getting the right mix of fertiliser in the right location is crucial to receiving the results you desire. Contact our team to discuss our fertilising services.