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For those who are not in the industry, it might not make a lot of sense to differentiate between different tree professionals. If they perform a service and say they can do it, why not trust their expertise? Well, the truth is that there’s a huge difference between your regular tree lopper and a qualified AQF level 5 arborist. As the highest qualification an arborist can receive in Australia, level 5 arborists hold a whole new level of expertise and a skillset way beyond the cheaper, less reliable professionals.

What is a Level 5 Arborist?

AQF stands for the Australian Qualification Framework, which qualifies professionals for certain types of work. The level 5 arborist qualification is the highest level that can be achieved by an arborist in Australia, making them experts on all things trees and highly qualified to take on complex tree-related jobs. They also have the licensing appropriate to perform all jobs, because there are certain tasks which are limited to certain qualifications according to AQF. For example, tree-climbing should only be performed if at least one member of the team has an AQF level 2 or higher. Level 5 arborists are professionals who know everything about the structure of trees. They’re certified, knowledgeable and skilled, and they can help you with everything from Newcastle tree pruning to stump grinding in Newcastle.

Why Choose a Level 5 Arborist?

So why, if an unqualified tree lopper is so much cheaper to hire and easier to find, should you be getting a level 5 arborist? While it’s true there are some jobs that can be performed by those with lower qualifications, it’s also true that others should only be entrusted to those with level 5 qualifications. Plus, there are plenty of advantages to choosing a level 5 arborist when you need a tree-related job done.

  • With a level 5 qualification, your professional will know all about tree species and tree protection regulations, which means you’re not at risk of breaching regulations by cutting down or chopping a tree that is protected
  • Level 5 arborists don’t make hasty removals or pruning, they always oversee the full health of the tree before they do anything
  • The quality of the work you’ll receive from someone with a proper qualification is far beyond what unqualified tree loppers have to offer, saving you the hassle, headache and money involved with poor quality tree work
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Looking for a Level 5 Arborist in Brisbane and Beyond?

When it comes to the care and management of trees, there’s a world of difference between hiring a regular arborist and enlisting the expertise of a level 5 arborist in Brisbane. When development and construction encroach upon trees, it can have direct and indirect consequences on the trees’ lifespan and health. Our AQF Level 5 arborists offer the most informed guidance for your trees, equipped with the expertise to conduct comprehensive tree health assessments. The ability to diagnose diseases, identify pests, and pinpoint structural issues that may be impacting your trees is essential. This early detection and diagnosis of these issues can save you from costly tree removals and potential property damage.

Overgrown or weakened trees can also pose a significant risk to your property and its occupants. A level 5 arborist in Brisbane will advise on tree trimming, pruning, or removal when necessary to prevent accidents and keep your trees in optimal condition. Trees are long term investments in your property’s value, with Assurance Trees, you can ensure that your trees thrive for years to come.

Consult Our Level 5 Arborist in Sydney for Arboricultural Impact Assessments and More

If your property has heritage trees, you may want to consider consulting the expertise of a level 5 arborist in Sydney. As protected assets, an arborist can create customised preservation plans that protect these trees while accommodating your construction or landscaping needs. At Assurance Trees, our arborists can conduct arboricultural impact assessments for planning applications. These reports are the linchpin of responsible tree management, delivering invaluable insights into how development and construction affect trees and their environment. If you’re unfamiliar with the local tree ordinances and environmental regulations, consulting a level 5 arborist in Sydney is a must to ensure compliance and avoid costly mistakes.

What a Level 5 Arborist Can Help You With

Your level 5 arborist is perfectly qualified to perform both simple and more complex jobs for you when it comes to tree care. Some of the services they might offer include:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Overseeing of the health of your trees and treating any problems
  • Providing long-term tree management plans
  • Impact assessment reports
  • Disease and pest management
  • Root mapping
  • Plant trees
  • General consultations and advice
  • Storm-proof trees
  • And more

Level 5 arborists can do everything a regular arborist can, and then some. Whether you’re planning a building project or you need help with the trees in your garden, a level 5 arborist here at Assurance Trees will be able to help you.

What is a Cert 5 Arborist?

An arborist is a tree expert, and if it sounds like a fancy name for something your grandad used to do with no formal training, so be it. But with all due respect to Grandpa, like any subject these days, there are opportunities to study it, and the more you know, the better. So that’s an arborist. A cert 5 arborist or level 5 arborist is someone who has studied, gained experience and earned the highest qualification in the field. Think of it in medical terms and a cert 5 arborist is like one of the top consultants in the country.

Why Would I Need a Level 5 Arborist?

You would need a level 5 arborist like you would need the best-qualified expert in any field: when you want the opinion and services of the highest authority in the land. People come to us for tree removal consultants because they want to deal with a company that takes this trees business seriously. They want the best, and in this case, that means a level 5 arborist.

We have other top-level operatives too, ranging from technicians to administrative staff, because we are determined to provide the best service you will find. We’ve got the best available, state-of-the-art equipment, not just in terms of the heavy machinery our job tends to involve, but also in our computer systems, right down to software that can tell us where a certain piece of equipment is right now and when it will arrive on site. Our attitude is, if there is something available that can make us more effective and efficient, why not use it?

What Does a Cert 5 Arborist Know?

A cert 5 arborist knows pretty much everything there is to know in the tree-care business including tree risk management expertise. They know every type of tree you’re ever going to come across and many that you won’t. They understand each variety, what conditions they thrive in and in what circumstances they’re going to struggle. They know the diseases each one is vulnerable to. They know how to prune them and train them to control their shape and size. They know how to prune roots, which is something many people have never even considered – and that’s a complex business that can do more harm than good in the wrong hands.

A cert 5 arborist can carry out arboricultural impact assessments for planning applications. They can appear as expert witnesses in court cases involving trees – and provide arborist reports. In short, they are the Einsteins of trees, and that’s why we are proud to have such knowledge and expertise among our number.

Can a Level 5 Arborist solve my Tree Problem?

The short answer is yes. If you have a problem that requires that level of expertise, we’ll give you access to it. Most issues don’t need to go that high, and we’ve got expertise throughout the company, but when push comes to shove, we can get you talking to a level 5 arborist. The verdict may not always be the one you wanted to hear, just like going to a medical specialist, but it will be a solid gold expert opinion to be followed up by solid gold service. Read Less

How Can I get in Touch with a Cert 5 Arborist?

Call us here at Assurance Trees or fill in the online form, that’s all you’ve got to do. We’ll get on the case asap and give you all the help you need.

Wondering about arborist report costs? Head over to our page where we give a breakdown of our pricing.

Our Qualifications

  • Diploma in Arboriculture (AQF5)
  • Trade Certificate in Arboriculture (AQF3)
  • TRAQ Risk Assessor (International Society of Arboriculture)
  • Cert 4 in Building and Construction
  • NSW Builders Licence
  • Trade Licence (Carpentry)
  • Chemical Cert 3
  • Police Check
  • Working with Children Check
  • Rail Cat 3 Cert
  • White Card
  • Elevated Work Platform Licence
  • Dogging License (Cranes)
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Senior First Aid
  • Power Lines Awareness Cert
  • Traffic Controller Cert
  • Traffic Controller Supervisor Cert
  • Heavy Rigid Truck Licence