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Some removals require the use of a crane. This can be for a number of reasons; tree size and shape, location, condition of the tree, other surrounding structures or time constraints. Here is a timelapse video of a removal using a 40 tonne slew crane in Maitland.

The most cost-effective way to remove tree stumps and roots is to grind them using a machine, appropriately named a stump grinder. This eliminates the effort of trying to dig the stump out (much harder than it looks), then take the stump to land fill and buy soil to fill the hole. Using a stump grinder turns the stump into mulch which is then used to fill the hole.

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Did You Know?

  • Fact 01

    You should avoid pruning your Jacaranda. Pruning this species can have terrible effect on the tree's shape and make it prone to storm damage.

  • Fact 02

    Mulching your trees can help retain up to 100% more moisture in your soil - a great thing for your trees!

  • Fact 03

    Some species of Eucalyptus trees drop so much eucalyptus oil that water can find it difficult to soak into the soil.

  • Fact 04

    Studies have found that trees reduce stress, and have also been known to help people recover from injuries faster.

  • Fact 05

    Trees not only use carbon dioxide from the air, but are also the main contributors to removing dust from the air.

  • Fact 06

    Australia has the largest flowering tree species in the world - the Mountain Ash, which reaches heights of more than 100 metres tall.

  • Fact 07

    Planting the right tree in the right place can save you a lot of money down the track.

  • Fact 08

    Trees do not heal - they can only grow around wounds.

  • Fact 09

    Unlike most other trees, palms are incapable of growing over wounds in their trunks

  • Fact 10

    Fungus can kill your tree without you even seeing it

  • Fact 11

    Trees are the largest living single organisms on Earth.

  • Fact 12

    Eucalyptus trees require a lot of water. This factor has been utilised in Africa where Eucalyptus trees are planted around swamps to help dry up the water so that mosquitoes which carry malaria cannot breed.

  • Fact 13

    There are over 700 different species of Eucalyptus trees in Australia.

  • Fact 14

    Many tree conditions are caused by a lack of water