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Land Clearing

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

House Site Clearing

Often, people are shocked upon realising their builder has not allowed for the removal of all trees on their block of land. We have the equipment and ability to undertake block clearing work in short notice. It takes us less than a day to clear an average building block, with tree waste removed from site. If you need a block cleared to allow building to get underway, contact us for a quote. We have cleared sites for houses all over the Hunter Valley, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast regions.

Fire Break Clearing

We know the rules when it comes to 10/50 Regulation. You may be able to clear up to 10 metres of all vegetation (including trees) around your dwelling, and 50 metres of under scrubbing. Some of the rules may be a bit tricky, so make sure you read the regulation or ask one of our arborists. Click on the link below to determine if your home is in a 10/50 fire zone.


Subdivision Clearing

We have the equipment required to clear large areas for subdivisions or developments. We have a forestry mulcher that can access steep and difficult terrain to clear in preparation for development. Our specialised R350T Forestry Mulcher is one of only a few available along the East Coast of Australia and we can travel long distances to complete clearing work. We provide the expertise and documentation to access high profile projects for Mining and civil contractors and can work with strict WHS and environmental conditions to achieve excellent results on your project.

Easements and Road Clearing

We undertake clearing for easements on government land and private properties. We have a Terex R350 Forestry with Fecon mulcher head designed for clearing easements, firebreaks and can access almost any terrain.

Weed Spraying

As we are qualified to apply chemicals, we are able to assist you with targeted weed control. From investigation to chemical selection, methodology, and application, we provide weed control solutions that work. We supply small boom spraying, pressure spraying, and high-volume splatter gun applications. Contact us for our services to all areas of the Hunter Valley, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast.
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Land Clearing in Newcastle & The Hunter Valley

There are many reasons why you might require our land clearing services in Newcastle and surrounding areas. But whatever they are, the challenges are the same and the need for professional help is unaltered.

Land clearing involves so much more than the old methods of using bulldozers and excavators to flatten everything on a site. That’s an inefficient way of doing it and has been proven to cause many environmental problems that include soil erosion and compaction, so there are now much better ways to clear an area of land.

Typical Reasons for Newcastle Land Clearing

At Assurance Trees, we provide land clearing services for all sorts of reasons that include:

  • clearing lots and subdivisions for the development of commercial or residential properties
  • providing and maintaining fire breaks in areas that are prone to bushfires and where local government fire break notices are issued and require them to be created
  • removing vegetation so that land can be used for agriculture
  • creating horse trails, riding arenas or similar
  • restoring or creating open areas for rights of way or other means of access on easement land
  • improving access and increasing safety on public and private roads by clearing vegetation from verges and central reservations
  • making space for new fences by removing vegetation to create an open area either side of the fence line.

Whatever the reason for using our land clearing services, we are always mindful of the dangers of the job and the environmental damage that can result if it is done incorrectly. Consequently, we are always very organised and professional in our approach, taking great care in everything we do and always using the most appropriate equipment and methods for each project so that it’s undertaken efficiently and safely.

The Right Tools for Land Clearing in Newcastle

No longer would we even consider the old methods of using bulldozers and excavators to simply batter everything down and then clear the debris away to a landfill site. Instead, we use machinery that is suited to the terrain and will clear vegetation with as little environmental damage as possible. We are also constantly refining our methods and aiming to acquire the latest technology so that we will always give the best service possible.

In particular, we use forest mulchers that remove trees and shred the timber into small fragments that can be mixed into the soil. This improves the condition of the soil, helps to prevent erosion and suppresses the regrowth of weeds and other vegetation. If it is not required to be left on site, we can shred the removed vegetation elsewhere and recycle it properly.

Where there are trees on the land, we can remove them completely, including the roots, or grind the stumps down so that nothing shows above ground level. Whatever equipment and techniques we use, the outcome will be land that will be prepared and suitable for whatever purpose you have for it. And the whole process will be undertaken promptly, safely, cost-effectively and without any hassle or stress for you.
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