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Site Clearing

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Site Clearing in Newcastle & The Hunter Valley

For builders and developers, site clearance is the necessary first step before any construction can begin. The area has to be cleared of all vegetation, rubble and other waste then made reasonably level in order to allow the real building work to start.

A domestic plot may also require block clearing if any development work is planned. This may require the removal of trees and other vegetation before constructing a pool or patio area, or simply laying out a formal garden. For all instances, clearing the site is the necessary first stage before anything else can happen.

Professional Site Clearing Services

For any commercial development, time is money and any delays can seriously impact the whole process. Even on a residential plot, you want to get on with what you have planned and don’t want to be delayed by having to wait for the site to be made ready.

At Assurance Trees, we appreciate the urgency but also are aware that clearing a site is not a simple process and needs to be approached in a professional manner. We therefore handle each job as an individual project by following certain steps:

  • Assess the site. This will identify any particular challenges and difficulties, such as steep terrain or the presence of any hazardous materials.
  • Prepare a plan. Suitable teams and equipment will be allocated, including excavators and bulldozers to remove large trees. The plan will focus on safety as well as efficiency since we always aim to accomplish each project without damage or injury and with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Obtain required permits. It’s often necessary to get a local council permit to remove trees and heavy penalties will be imposed if this isn’t obtained. We’ll ensure everything is in order before we start, including organising road closures when it’s necessary to bring in heavy equipment.
  • Carry out the work. All vegetation and non-required materials will be removed, including removing tree stumps that will get in the way of construction. Everything will be taken off site and disposed of properly, generally shredding all wood material so that it can be applied as a mulch to improve soil condition. The site will be left in a level state so that construction work can start.

Effective and Efficient Site Clearance

We undertake site clearance in Newcastle as well as site clearance in the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas. We’ve been doing this successfully for many years now and are prepared for all the challenges that this type of work brings.

With a background in construction, we are well aware of the need for a site to be cleared and ready for building work to begin. Using us as a professional contractor means that you can be assured everything will be done properly, legally, safely and promptly so you get an immediate start and can progress with no unexpected hold-ups.

We’ll remove every obstacle that’s likely to hinder construction so that you can move forward without any delays. We’re very organised, approach every project in a systematic manner and we’ll keep you fully informed of progress. With many things to worry about on a construction project, having a clear site is no longer one of them.