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Lot & Subdivision Clearing

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Lot & Subdivision Clearing in Newcastle

Planning and undertaking a commercial or residential development is a complex process. That applies whether you’re a developer about to construct several new properties on a lot or an individual intending to build a home on a subdivision of an area of development land.

For all types of development and whatever the size of the land area, lot clearing is an essential first step. All vegetation and anything else that will obstruct construction needs to be removed before building work can start.

Why you need Lot Clearing Services

Any land that’s acquired for development will very rarely be in a state where construction can start straightaway. Invariably the land is covered in vegetation that has to be cleared before development can get underway. And often that vegetation isn’t simply grass and scrub but will also include large trees, vines and bushes that are more difficult to remove, as well as stump grinding.

Whether you need a complete development lot cleared or simply require subdivision clearing for a single building plot, it’s not something that can normally be accomplished by individuals or even by building companies that don’t have the required expertise.

Lot Clearing in Newcastle for Residential and Commercial Development

Not only is it necessary to have the proper equipment, skills and experience, it’s also a big advantage if you approach each job in an organised and systematic manner. At Assurance Trees, we:

  1. Undertake a detailed assessment of each lot or subdivision to determine what needs to be done and the particular challenges that are involved. These may include power lines that run across the property and need to be avoided, large trees that have to be removed and steep terrain that will make access difficult, especially for heavy machinery.
  2. Discuss with you any particular requirements regarding the clearance of the lot and the state in which it is to be left. This may include the retention of certain trees that will enhance the site and not be an obstruction to development.
  3. Prepare a thorough plan for the lot clearance, including the equipment to be used, special skills required and techniques to be employed. The aim behind the plan is to clear the lot or subdivision as thoroughly, efficiently and safely as possible.
  4. Obtain any required permits for tree removal plus permission to close roads when necessary.
  5. Undertake the work as effectively and quickly as we can. This results in the site being left in a buildable state, with all debris removed, including grinding down tree stumps that will hinder construction, and all vegetation mulched and recycled.

The Benefits of Professional Lot and Subdivision Clearing in Newcastle

Although as a developer you may have bulldozers and excavators you can use to clear a lot, you may not have the expertise to do it properly and without risk. As an individual subdivision owner looking to develop your own property, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll have either the skills or the equipment to do the job.

Here at Assurance Trees, we’ll clear your lot or subdivision quickly, safely and cost-effectively, complying with all state, local and environmental legislation. You can then get on with the job of developing your property.