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Tree Removal Mayfield

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Tree Removal in Mayfield, NSW

We at Assurance Trees take pride in having never cut corners. We are the expert arborist Newcasle, NSW Every equipment check we perform is a possible injury avoided. Every certification we renew is a mistake that never gets made. Every WHS compliance report we write during our work is a legal issue that never occurs. And when we work in one of the most high-risk industries in the world, every single what-if matters. After all, no client wants a lengthy and tedious compliance issue, much less an injured loved one or worker on their property or project.

Tree Removal in Mayfield: Done Safely, Efficiently, and Compliantly

We carry out every tree removal in Mayfield this way, making sure to keep our clients informed at every stage. Through our WHS portal, you can see safety checks, equipment checks, maintenance, and work progress updates on each site. Everything is also sent to you at the end of the job, without you having to ask. That saves you stress that doesn’t need to be there anyway.

When it comes to urban tree management, there are enough inherent risks already which is why we also perform tree risk management service. Even the most diligent and careful workers will be in risky situations because that’s just the nature of the work. That’s why, for our potential clients, it’s simply not worth it to add more possible risks by hiring less cautious or meticulous tree loppers in Mayfield.

Our Tree Removal Processes in Mayfield, NSW

The processes for tree removal in Mayfield, NSW and job sites are never uniform, so each job calls for a different approach. Our priority on all our jobs is safety. As professionals, we’ll have the job done within the required time frame, but we won’t risk you, your property, or ourselves to do so. So, we usually opt for the safest method when it’s possible. Here are our various approaches:

  • Tree Felling:Our climbers have AQF3 qualifications, always kept up to date, but even then, climbing is inherently dangerous. If a job allows us to avoid it altogether, that’s what we do. Thankfully, we’re experts at felling trees in even the toughest sites without the need for climbers. When we decide to fell a tree, we’re confident that we can fell it without risking harm to nearby structures.
  • Advanced Removal:When a job site is close to buildings, rivers, or delicate flora, we usually trim down the tree significantly to avoid damaging anything nearby. In these cases, our seasoned climbers can remove heavy branches with practiced precision. Our machinery might appear messy, but our techniques are anything but. We use arborist equipment that’s regularly checked and maintained to lift branches out of the way safely. If a job requires specialist machinery, it will usually take longer to remove the tree.
  • Tricky Cases:When a tree is in a particularly difficult spot, we may need larger equipment to remove it safely. We’re trained and experienced in using cranes when the job calls for it. Often, a crane is the only way to remove a tree within the time frame. In the most unconventional cases, we may remove a tree using a helicopter, with which we’re also experts. If you’re unsure what sort of removal you might need, you’re welcome to contact us and discuss your circumstances.

We provide various kinds of tree services in different parts of NSW such as tree removal Dungog and an arborist Huntlee.

Professional Arborist in Mayfield

We are the professional arborist in Mayfield and we welcome all enquiries and concerns you may have, including those you can mark as urgent. Concerning tree removal in Mayfield, NSW, you can find our short enquiry form under “Contact Us,” and you can also reach us at sales@assurancetrees.com.au or 1300 859 510.