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Stump Grinding Services in Central Coast

Assurance Trees offers a range of tree services, including removing your tree stumps in Central Coast with stump grinding.

Stump grinding is an effective way to remove any tree stumps that have been left after tree removal and our experts are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to completing the job.

Why choose our stump grinding services in Central Coast?

Stumps left from trees can be an eyesore on an otherwise manicured yard or commercial grounds and this is the key reason why many people want them removed. They can also create a potential trip hazard and make general maintenance of your outside space, like mowing the lawn, more difficult.

However, there are other reasons to have your stump ground. At first, they probably will not cause you any problems, but after a while, problems can start to set in.

Why Central Coast stump grinding is so important

You might find that your tree stump becomes inhabited by unwanted insects like termites and carpenter ants. This can cause further problems because they can spread and attack your other healthy trees and shrubbery in your yard or outside space. If the stump is grounded, this eliminates this risk.

Furthermore, fungi can grow on a rotting tree stump and this can be especially dangerous for children and pets who will not understand the potential danger. Therefore, we would always recommend removal, especially in children’s playgrounds and yards for families with young children or pets.

At Assurance Trees, the method we use to remove tree stumps the most is stump grinding. This is where we use specialist machinery to break down the stump into woodchips. The woodchips that are leftover from the tree stump are then used to fill the hole in the ground. Any additional woodchips can also be used as mulch in other areas.

Central Coast’s best stump grinding & removal service

Stump grinding in Central Coast offers you the most cost-effective option to stump removal as it is quick and efficient. It is important to note that stump grinding will not take care of the tree’s roots underneath the ground and these will gradually decay over the coming years.

The other option that we offer at Assurance Trees is complete stump removal, where the stump is removed manually. This takes more time and the hole will need to be filled. However, this will get rid of the tree’s roots.

At Assurance Trees, our trained arborists will give you an expert opinion on which course of removal is right for your stump and the surrounding space. We service the whole of Central Coast and also service Newcastle’s stump grinding needs.

Assurance Trees: The professional Central Coast stump removal team

At Assurance Trees, we can help to remove your tree stumps with our stump grinding and our services are available to both the commercial and residential sectors. Whether you have just the one stump or a multitude of stumps, our skilled arborists can remove it for you.

As our name suggests, we have a highly organised and systematic approach that means you can be assured your job will be done efficiently and to the high standards we set and pride ourselves on.

Contact us today to remove your unwanted tree stumps in Central Coast