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Hunter Valley Tree Loppers & Tree Removal Services

When tree removal is necessary because it is damaged or compromised, it is important to find the right company who can safely remove your tree for you without causing harm to people or property.

As professional arborists, Assurance Trees can safely complete your tree removal in Hunter Valley. Should you want us to, we can also remove the stump as well.

Why remove a tree in Hunter Valley?

Trees may need to be removed for all sorts of reasons. If a tree has died, it needs to be removed as it could be a potential hazard if left where it is. This is because it no longer retains its strength and when bad weather hits, it could fall and cause untold damage.

They may also need to be removed if a tree becomes diseased or damaged. By having the tree removed, you can lessen the risk of the disease spreading to other trees.

If you think your tree may be diseased or damaged, you can look for the following signs:

  • A hollow trunk
  • If your tree has started to lean and it was not always like this
  • Dead branches
  • Fungi growing near or at the base of the tree as this could signify further problems within
  • Missing bark or cavities within the bark
  • Sawdust near the tree, which could show that it has been inhabited by wood-boring creatures

Assurance Trees are pleased to offer our advice as well as other services. We can assess your tree’s health and advise you on the best course of action. Should it need to be removed, we can give you a free quote and arrange the removal for you.

Where possible, we remove trees without using climbers. However, should your tree need climbers to remove it safely, our climbers are qualified AQF3 arborists.

We have the tools and techniques to remove your tree safely, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Our equipment is capable of handling heavy branches to aid the safe removal of your tree.

Should the situation require it, we can also use cranes or helicopters for incredibly complex tree removals, such as on steep hills or in confined areas. Wherever your tree is, we will be able to take care of it.

The best arborist for tree removal in Hunter Valley

Whether you are looking for tree removal or tree loppers in Hunter Valley, Assurance Trees are there for you.

We service tree removal across the whole Hunter Valley including the whole of Newcastle, Cessnock, Nelson Bay, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens.

We can be here for you in emergencies, as well as regular tree maintenance and removal, and our professional services can be relied upon.

Throughout the process, you and other interested parties will be kept informed of the progress with documents, images and notes. We use job management software and apps, and all necessary documentation will be sent to you on completion of the job for your records; there is never any need to chase us up.

For a company you can rely on every time, contact Assurance Trees today for outstanding professional tree service in Hunter Valley.