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Welcome to Assurance Trees; we’re the most trusted tree loppers in the Central Coast. We’re proud to offer our services to schools and universities, residential clients, and civil and construction companies. We also work with facility managers, councils, national parks, emergency services and those working in the rail industry.

If you’re looking for the best tree loppers on Central Coast to help you manage tree assets on your property, we’d love to hear from you today. Whether it’s for the removal of dangerous or compromised trees or you simply want to enhance the health and value of the trees on-site, our team can provide a level of service that’s unmatched by other companies.

What Is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping (or topping) is an essential part of tree health. The term refers to situations where the top of a tree is cut off or “topped”. When trees grow too high and become overgrown, they pose a risk to people and property, which is why regular trimming is necessary.

Benefits Of Tree Lopping in Central Coast

When it comes to finding tree loppers in Central Coast, it is important to find the right company as lopping is one of the most important elements of maintaining healthy trees. Work with our team and the trees on your site can be a safe aesthetic asset and not a dangerous eyesore. Here are some of the benefits of tree lopping;

  • Improved Safety – Sections of mature trees that are diseased and/or damaged can become vulnerable to high winds, heavy rain and other volatile conditions. During such conditions, sections of a tree can easily break apart and crash down onto roofs and other structures on a property. Even worse, they can cause injury to the pets, livestock and people below them. Our team will examine the tree as a whole and determine what areas need to be trimmed. We’ll take the health of the tree and the potential risk factors into account during this assessment.
  • Stronger Trees – Lopping can stop (or at least reduce) the growth of weak branches. It can also stop branches crossing as they compete for space. And, as all weak areas will be removed, the health of the tree will be improved and future growth will be optimised.
  • Longer Lifespan – With regular lopping, trees can live longer and stay looking healthier for longer. Trees are an asset to any property so it makes sense to look give them the care and attention they need to thrive.
  • Clearance From Power Lines – Trees and power lines are not a good combination so it’s essential that all trees on your property are clear of live lines. Our team will carry out a risk assessment on the tree, the vegetation below and the power lines and types of poles that are in place. They’ll then be able to determine what course of action is best to take, which can include tree trimming, pruning or cutting the whole tree down.

Why Choose Our Central Coast Tree Lopping Services?

For expert tree lopping in Central Coast, your first choice should be Assurance Trees for our professional and efficient service. Here’s why;

  • Experience – We work with clients from all residential, commercial, industrial and governmental sectors to maintain and ensure the health of trees from root to tip. Our experience in this industry allows us to complete all projects from the very straightforward to the very complex. We specialise in high compliance work, environmentally sensitive projects and projects with lots of interested parties and requirements.
  • Transparency – We provide a transparent, systematic way of conducting high-risk activities with our fully integrated job management software and related apps. This gives our clients the ability to see work in progress and download all job related documents, images and notes in real time from our portal.
  • Reliability – You won’t have to chase us to get documentation or updates on how the project is progressing. We’re a team of professional arborists in Central Coast who you can rely on for a quality service, up to date reporting and a level of customer care that is unbeaten.
  • Certification – We hold the following certifications; AS4801 for Safety, ISO14001 for Environment, ISO9001 for Quality.

For a free quote for our tree lopping services in the Central Coast, please call us on 300859510 or fill out our online form and we will get back to you.