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Tree Lopping Lake Macquarie

Tree Lopping Lake Macquarie

Let the Professionals Handle Your Tree Lopping Needs in Lake Macquarie

Tree pruning and maintenance are best left to skilled tree surgeons who know trees.
A licensed arborist is the best choice when it comes to pruning trees to ensure the tree grows tall and strong. Assurance Trees employs licensed arborists who are familiar with local canopies.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Tree Lopping in Lake Macquarie

Trees require pruning to prolong their life and grow strong.

  • Formative pruning for new trees and structural pruning every two to three years helps trees grow straight and strong.
  • Palm pruning should be undertaken annually to remove dead fronds and seed pods.

What Sets Assurance Trees Apart regarding Tree Lopping in Lake Macquarie

We have over a decade of experience in the science of arboriculture, and our qualified team bring that experience to every tree they cross.

  • We take safety seriously and developed a safety management system that ensures any work we do does no harm to people and property.
  • We recycle all materials removed from your site into firewood, mulch and wood slabs suitable for furniture makers.

Our extensive experience, commitment to safety and environmental stewardship make us the best choice for arborist services in Lake Macquarie.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Assurance Trees

Hiring a professional who is familiar with tree growing habits ensures that your tree is pruned to prolong its life and provide beauty. Contact us for a consultation regarding your trees and we will offer healthy solutions.