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Firebreak Clearing

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Firebreak Clearing Newcastle & The Hunter Valley

If you live or work in a bushfire area, you’ll be well aware of the risks when the fire season comes around. You’ll also no doubt be aware of the need to clear fire breaks, which will generally be required by the issue of a notice by the local government for your area.

What may be less apparent are the penalties you may face if you fail to create a firebreak when directed to do so or if you carry out the work incorrectly. Penalties may also be imposed if you remove trees without permission in order to create and clear a firebreak and protect your property.

Organising Effective Firebreaks in Newcastle and Surrounding Areas

A firebreak is simply a strip of land surrounding a property from which all combustible material has been removed so that there is no fuel for bushfires to spread. The firebreak is created by removing trees, shrubs, grass and anything else that will burn, as well as stump removal. In addition to preventing a fire spreading, the area will also allow access to vehicles, particularly fire fighting equipment.

Local governments issue fire break notices in accordance with the Bush Fires Act 1954 but each one has different requirements. These notices are generally issued prior to the start of each bush fire season but in some areas may be in place for the whole year.

Each notice will require the landowner or occupier to clear a fire break. This is typically 3-6 metres wide, the actual extent tending to vary depending on the size of the property it is designed to protect. The notice may also specify the periods when fires are prohibited and give information about obtaining a permit to carry out controlled burning to reduce fire risks.

If the requirements of the notice are considered impractical or environmentally unsound, or the results are likely to be ineffective, you can apply for a variation to the firebreak notice.

Why the Use of Professional Fire Break Contractors is Essential

Creating and clearing a fire break is not something that can be done easily and the penalties for failure can be severe. The chances of failure are increased by the variable nature of firebreak regulations that can be confusing for those not familiar with them.

At Assurance Trees, we’re well aware of the complexity of the regulations and will always ensure every job we do complies fully. We have the knowledge, experience, equipment and the ability to provide efficient and effective firebreak clearing in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

We have a full range of tree consulting equipment and techniques to create and clear firebreaks in Newcastle depending on the terrain and whatever needs to be cleared. That can include bulldozers to remove trees, tractors with attachments to clear shrubs and either herbicides or controlled burning for lighter vegetation.

Effective Firebreak Clearing Services

We can handle any length and width of firebreak and will install one fully in line with local regulations and any notice you receive. That can include covering the cleared area with limestone or a similar material to provide access for traffic and to help to prevent regrowth.

If your property is at risk from bushfires, we can provide firebreak services that will protect it and ensure you’re fully compliant with local requirements. And to ensure you remain safe and compliant, we can provide an annual maintenance of your firebreak area prior to the start of the bushfire season to ensure it remains clear.