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Arborist Reports

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Arborist Tree Reports

If you are looking for an arborist report, Assurance Trees can help as we are the qualified arborist in Newcastle. You might be wondering what an arborist report is, and why you might need one. There are many reasons why a householder, a landlord, a business owner, or a local council authority might need to commission a report.

An arborist report is essentially a report that details the condition of a particular tree or set of trees in a location. There are different kinds of arborist reports including ones to assess potential tree risk management to the public or property, reports to ascertain the state of health and potential treatment of ailing trees, and reports which householders will need when lodging a development application (DA).

Why do I Need an Arborist Report?

Tree reports might be needed for a variety of reasons. Development applications often require a report to assess the risk existing trees might have on any planned development. A poorly completed report might result in long delays with your application and may even result in it being refused. That’s why it’s essential that you use a qualified, established company to conduct the assessment. We offer our services to different parts of NSW which include tree removal in Singleton. Another purpose of tree removal reports is to provide evidence in investigations conducted by the Land and Environment Court. Law firms may contact a company like ours to submit evidence to be used in environmental cases. Likewise, many trees might have a heritage value, and we are on hand to assess trees that you own or trees that are in your vicinity that you believe warrant protected status. Our heritage reports help protect rare specimens or trees of significant value all across the Central Coast. Read More

Who Needs an Arborist Report Tree Risk Assessment?

It’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? An arborist report tree risk assessment. So let’s break it down. An arborist consultant is a tree specialist, sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon. A tree is… we all know, of course, but to keep this all official and scientific, one dictionary defines it as a “woody perennial plant”. When you get an arborist tree report, in other words, a tree expert delivering the findings of their assessment, and tree risk management is involved, there is obviously some suggestion of a possibility of something bad happening. Someone wanted a tree checked out to see if it could potentially do harm in some way.

Phew! Sometimes what is quite simple comes across as complicated just because of the words we use.

What kind of Things Are Assessed in an Arborist Report?

At Assurance Trees, our AQF level 5 arborist (there we go again with the impenetrable phrases) can be called upon to check a tree over for general health, defects that could affect its integrity, the condition of the land it stands on and any other factor that might make a fine, upstanding woody perennial plant a possible hazard in some way which is covered in our tall tree consulting service.

The Importance of an Expert with Tree Removal Reports

When it comes to tree removal reports, the importance of finding a professional cannot be overstated. As AQF Level 5 arborists, we have the experience and expertise to conduct these reports and determine the need for removal or propose alternatives for preservation when possible.

Tree removal reports are an essential part of responsible tree management. Entrusting your tree care and tree removal reports to a certified expert at Assurance Trees ensures a thorough, professional and safety-focused approach to tree removal. When you choose us for your tree removal needs, you’re going with experienced arborists who make the process seamless.

Could This Be an Arborist Report for a Council?

It could well be. New developments these days are not allowed to sail through unsupervised. In the 21st century we’ve got the environment on our minds and trees are among the good guys of the planet. Therefore, before any development can get underway, many local councils will want to see a specialist arborist report for council purposes. If, in its opinion, a tree should be left alone (unless a arborist report for tree removal says otherwise), the developer will have to modify their plans. This could be because the tree is a particularly fine specimen, is rare, plays a notable part in the surrounding ecological system or has some historical significance. It’s a question of looking after trees and promoting thoughtful development.

Arborist Reports For Development Applications

If, on the other hand, the tree is a rickety old thing with no saving graces and is likely to pose a hazard of some kind, an arborist report for a development application will make this clear and the council’s decision will reflect it.

How About an Arborist Report for Tree Removal?

This kind of application could be made by people other than developers, possibly because a tree is deemed unsafe, with the potential to cause damage through anything from falling branches to rampant roots threatening to undermine a road, footpath or building – thus is the need for advanced arborist reporting.

Complex cases can call for advanced arborist reporting, and our AQF5 consulting arborist is qualified to make all such assessments – check out our level 5 arborist report cost for more information. What is required in all cases is the expert opinion of someone with a thorough understanding of trees, their role in the environment and their importance to society. It’s not necessarily a romantic view of the whole subject, more of a thoughtful one. Trees can’t speak up for themselves either to demand respect or to declare themselves unfit, so suitably qualified arborists have to give an assessment of the situation.

Benefits of an Aborist Reports

An arborist report can also be used to ascertain the general health of the tree, and to suggest how to remedy its ailing condition. If a treatment plan is not viable, we will also advise you of this and can offer further services to remove it and recycle it (if applicable). We never advocate the removal of a tree that can be saved unless its location stands in the way of development or poses a risk to people or property. Tree removal reports also safeguard you in the case of objections to the tree being removed. If you can prove the tree does pose a threat to public safety, it will need to be removed. An annual arborist report can also help you safeguard your family, the public and buildings as severe storms and bushfires are becoming all too common. Prevention is better than cure, and preventative action can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Other applications of an arborist report might be for planning new tree planting, tree surveying, tree management and tree investigations. We use the very latest equipment and technology to provide you with an insightful, accurate and scientific report every time.

Who Should I Contact for Tree Removal Reports?

For specialist tree services including an arborist report, contact Assurance Trees. When you engage our services to conduct a tree report, you can rest assured that you have commissioned a professional company with over a decade’s worth of experience. Our team heads are AQF Level 5 qualified, which means we are knowledgeable and adhere to industry standards. We also invest in further training as the industry develops.

If you need an arborist report or any other tree and vegetation management service, call us today for a friendly arborist consultation and a no-obligation quote. Read Less

Can I Get an Arborist Tree Report?

Assurance Trees is now serving the entirety of the East Coast of Australia, check out our location-specific pages if you would like more information:

We can carry out arborist assessments for anyone and any reason. Just fill in the online form or call us here at Assurance Trees to discuss it and we will be happy to help.

Arborist Reports Cost

Let’s get the terminology straight first. An arborist is a tree expert. An AQF level 5 arborist is recognised as a tree expert by the Australian Qualifications Framework. And a level 5 (or cert 5 arborist) AQF arborist is, so to speak, at the top of the tree: the most highly qualified tree expert in the land. That’s why, when there are serious, complex matters involving a tree or trees, you may need a arborist report, and a Level 5 arborist report costs money.

Reports start at around $1,000, but it all depends on what is involved. tree reports are called for when there are issues of human safety, potential damage to property or the welfare of the tree itself. These can range from a simple inspection to one that involves climbing around inside the “canopy” – the upper part where the branches spread and there can be a roof of leaves.

There is also the question of equipment needed to carry out the report, the level of detail demanded by the authority requiring the report and basic factors such as the number of trees involved, how far away they are from the arborist’s office and whether liaison is needed with other bodies, such as engineers and legal firms. So the cost of a level 5 arborist report is probably more than $1,000, and somewhere between a little more and a lot more. As vague as that may be, it really does depend on the circumstances.

Arborist report cost must be factored into work involving trees, but then trees must be treated with respect, and we at Assurance Trees are devoted to their welfare, as well as preventing them from causing trouble. A broken or weakened tree can be in danger of dropping branches that may hurt people or damage property or, in extreme cases, collapsing altogether, with the obvious consequences that could ensue.

How Can I Get Exact Prices on Level 5 Arborist Reports?

Our arborists may be more often found carrying out checks so that adjustments or treatments can be prescribed, but we have the qualified personnel who can compile these reports and inform potential clients on arborist report costs. Fill in the online form or call us. Tell us the where, what and why and we’ll tell you the how much.