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Land Clearing Huntlee

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Road & Land Clearing in Huntlee

If you’re planning to change the use of a piece of land, clearing it of vegetation is nearly always the first stage in the development process. Until you do that, what you can do on the land is very limited and the potential of the land will not be realised.

Clearing the land isn’t always a straightforward process and can be fraught with difficulty. Before you start, you need to assess the land, consider what you want to do with it and choose a contractor that’s competent to do the job efficiently and well.

Making the Right Choices for Land Clearing in Huntlee

The land you want to clear has to be right for the purpose you have in mind. For pasture land or to grow crops, it needs to be relatively flat, not prone to flooding and have soil that’s reasonably fertile. Development land should be easy to access and build on whereas an area required for easement will have to be made suitable for the purpose.

Once you’re satisfied you can go ahead, you have to decide how to do it. Clearing land in Huntlee isn’t something that should be undertaken by anyone who isn’t experienced, so you need to take on a suitable contractor.

Huntlee Land Clearing — a First Step for Land Re-use

  • At Assurance Trees, we feel we’re the ideal choice because we:have a long experience of providing land clearing services in Huntlee and so know the local terrain, the area generally and the regulations that apply here
  • have a background in construction and so are aware of the needs of building companies and the challenges that face them
  • adopt a well-organised and systematic approach to every job and treat each one individually
  • use a wide range of machinery and equipment so we have everything we need to clear whatever vegetation is present and on any type of land
  • have all the necessary certification, including AS4801 for safety, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 9001 for quality, so you can be assured that we are a professional organisation that provides a high standard of service and has regard for the environment and the well-being of its employees and others
  • employ qualified arborists who know how to deal correctly with trees and other vegetation
  • listen to your needs and assess each site so we can always do the job that is required
  • are fully insured ($20 million public and property insurance plus professional indemnity, workers’ compensation and fleet insurance) so we are fully covered against unforeseen occurrences
  • provide competitive quotations on tree risk management with no hidden extras
  • will always keep you fully informed of progress and anything else that occurs.

The Service you need

We provide a full range of services, including road clearing in Huntlee and surrounding areas. Every job we do is handled competently and thoroughly, with the land cleared of vegetation and everything either removed from site or mulched back into the soil.

We appreciate that land clearing can be a costly business but it’s likely to be only a small proportion of development costs and is an essential first step that has to be done properly. We’ll work with you rather than for you to make sure that happens and your project gets off to an excellent start.