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Costs & Pricing of Arboricultural Impact Assessments

We can provide Arboricultural impact assessment costs & pricing for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

How Much Does an Arboricultural Impact Assessment Cost?

Arboricultural impact is a concept that didn’t even have a name a few generations ago. Humankind thought it owned the earth and people could pretty much do what they liked, barging into green field areas and adapting them to their requirements with no regard for ecology.

Fortunately, the world has moved on, and more and more people have come to understand the importance of trees, not just in specific, one-off situations but in the great scheme of things. However, it is the specific and the one-off that adds up to the great scheme, and your specific project has to be assessed and go through the proper channels. That’s why some projects will involve higher arboricultural impact assessment costs than others.

The fact that each one is a specific case with its own circumstances means there can’t be a standard figure as to what an arboricultural impact assessment costs. AIA reports, to use their less tongue-twisting abbreviation, start at $1500 + GST, but the final figure is influenced by factors such as the number of trees involved, the need to engage consultants in ecology and architecture and the level of detail required. Other questions include heritage – any historical importance – and legal restrictions on the site. Over and above these, different councils have different requirements which an arborist consultant can advise on.

We at Assurance Trees take a meticulous approach to our work and that applies not just to site safety but to getting the formalities right, so if we are your representatives, you can rest assured the process will be handled professionally.

Our founder, Aaron Bath, was working in the construction industry when he saw the need for an organised and systematic approach to tree risk management, particularly in urban environments where nature tends to be ignored because it can get in the way of profit and “progress”. The 21st century has brought a new level of enlightenment to such matters, and we are standard-bearers for that in this part of the world.

What Sorts of Projects Might Require AIA Reports?

We have worked with some big names in many industries, because trees are everywhere and whether a company has acquired a site for development for schools and universities, railways, high-end residential projects or mining, the same principles apply. We carry out all sorts of tree-related work from removal and stump grinding to planting and pruning – but always after being given the green light by the authorities. Where appropriate, arboricultural impact assessment costs have to be factored into the equation.

What are Assurance Trees’ Core Values?

We are very experienced, professionally qualified, highly organised and systematic and we strive for basic elements such as efficiency and safety. As such, our clients value our ability to get the job done well, without avoidable problems, and getting it right first time.

What will the Arboricultural Impact Assessment Costs for My Project be?

Fill in the online contact form or call us to get in touch with our Newcastle Arborists. Give us a good idea of your project and we will get on the case immediately, so you can proceed with the minimum of fuss and delay, and with everything carefully planned and above board.