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Road & Easement Clearing

We provide land clearing and vegetation management services for a variety of projects.  We have both the equipment and experience needed for this type of work.

Road Clearing in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley

If you’re the owner or occupier of land that has an easement on it, this will generally be specified in the certificate of title for the land or in some other legal document. This easement will typically cover a part of the land that’s set aside for an access road to another property, for utility supply to accommodate electricity cables or water, gas or sewerage pipes, or to provide a public footpath.

An easement places restrictions on how the land can be used by the owner. In addition, it also imposes a responsibility to keep the land clear so that there are no obstructions to its use.

Responsibility for Easement Clearing in the Hunter valley

For most easements, the responsibility for easement clearing in Newcastle and elsewhere will lie with the organisation that gains benefit from it. If a utility company runs a sewerage pipe across your land, for example, it will have to clear an area before laying the pipe and then may need to do so again for maintenance purposes. If, however, you request that a power line extension is run onto your property, you will generally be required to clear an open area for a specified distance to either side of the power line to ensure that it is not obstructed by trees or other growth and can be easily accessed.

Allowing Unrestricted Access through Easement Clearing

The responsibility will be specified in a legal document and, if it falls on you, you need to clear the specified area and ensure it remains clear for the duration of the agreement. That means complying exactly with the terms of the agreement, which will be difficult without the necessary equipment and expertise.

Trimming and removing trees as well as clearing vegetation from easement land can be a complex and dangerous job. It’s therefore best left to the experts to ensure it’s carried out efficiently and thoroughly. At Assurance Trees, it’s a task we’re well accustomed to doing and it’s something we can carry out for you effectively and without hazard to people and property.

Keeping Roadways Clear for Access

In addition to keeping access roads and rights of way open on easement land, we specialise in road clearing throughout the Hunter Valley for both public and private roads. That also extends to road clearing in Newcastle where we’ll trim back trees that are growing across the road and causing an obstruction for high-sided vehicles. We also cut back lower growing vegetation to increase lines of sight and so improve road safety as well as making road verges and central reservations look more attractive.

We are aware of environmental concerns so our easement and road clearing work is not about destroying vegetation, merely controlling vegetation that adversely affects road safety or restricts access. Any vegetation that we clear is mulched and used to improve soil condition and all our work is undertaken in a systematic and organised way that has safety as its prime aim. The outcome is easements and rights of way that are clear and available for their intended purpose.