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Maitland Arborist & Tree Removal Services

If you are searching for a professional arborist in Maitland, look no further than Assurance Trees.

We cover all aspects of tree maintenance and with each and every job you can be assured of friendly and professional service.

If you are looking for tree loppers in Maitland, along with all other aspects of tree care, Assurance Trees are the answer you have been looking for.

Do you need information on tree removal in Maitland NSW?

Reach out to the skilled professionals at Assurance Trees. With years of experience as an authority in all things tree related, our team is on hand make your yard look fresh and clean.

Related Services We Provide to Tree Removal in Maitland NSW

Our team has skills in other work associated with tree removal. Some of our other helpful services include:

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Tree Removal in Maitland NSW

Although tree removal in Maitland seems straightforward, many issues can arise that could cause you a headache. Some standard examples include:

  • Trying to manage the removal without the help of a professional
  • Causing damage to another tree that is too close to the problem tree
  • Neglecting to notice power lines in the area

We care for your garden as if it were our own to ensure you avoid these time-consuming missteps and that your property is well tended.

Tree removal that you can trust and rely on

Trees may need to be removed for all sorts of reasons. Often it is because they have the potential to endanger property or people. In other circumstances, trees may have outgrown their location and their roots could be causing problems. Whatever your reasons for wanting a tree or trees removed, our tree loppers in Maitland can complete the job for you, reassuring you that it has been done to the highest standards.

As a professional arborist in Maitland, we can remove trees in almost any location. Our skilled workers comprise of climbers, who are AQF3 trained, and a ground team who work together to safely remove trees.

Depending on the situation and location of the tree, we may be able to remove your tree without climbing. Otherwise, our skilled climbers can fell your tree without causing damage to your surroundings.

If the situation calls for it, we have all the specialist arborist equipment for advanced tree removals. With this specialist equipment and skilled techniques, we can lift heavy branches.

When the situation is particularly complex, for example, if they are on steep hills or over buildings, we have experience in this area. We can use cranes or helicopters to aid the removal of trees, and you can be confident that our team can remove trees in even the most difficult of locations.

Choose Assurance Trees for your tree removal in Maitland

When you choose Assurance Trees, you can look forward to an organised and systematic approach to all work, with great communication with our clients.

We have fully integrated job management software and related apps, allowing you to track each stage of the job and download all documents relating to your tree risk assessment. In jobs where there are many interested parties, it means that everyone can be informed on the progress in real-time.

When the job is completed, you will be sent all information and documents relating to your tree removal. We understand that you need all documents and that chasing up can cause undue stress, along with being a waste of your time, so we ensure this does not happen.

We are certified for safety, the environment and quality, so you can be sure that when you choose Assurance Trees, you will get a first-rate job.

For added peace of mind, it is good to know that we have $20 million public and property insurance, professional indemnity insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and fleet insurance.

To have your trees removed safely, contact Assurance Trees today on 1300859510 or fill out our online form. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Questions About Our Maitland Tree Removal Services?

As a trusted name in tree management, we understand the steps that must be taken to take care of any vegetation quickly and efficiently. We work with honesty and integrity to offer you the peace of mind of knowing the job is done correctly.

For more information about our tree removal services in Maitland NSW or a free quote, please view our contact page to reach our team. We look forward to hearing from you.