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About Us

Assurance Trees is a family owned and operated company based in Maitland, New South Wales. We provide professional tree and vegetation management services ranging from Sydney to Port Macquarie and from Newcastle to Tamworth.

Our mission is to provide outstanding tree and vegetation management solutions to a wide range of clients, whilst achieving the highest standard in safety, quality and environmental stewardship.

We aim to always conduct business in a way that gains the trust and respect of our clients.

Our goal is to provide correct and up-to-date advice regarding tree practices to all our clients in an effort to improve the quality of urban forests across the regions we service.







Assurance Trees, formerly known as A L BATH Tree Services, was started by Aaron Bath in 2008. With only a small trailer and a ute, Aaron conducted hundreds of tree removals across the Central Coast and surrounding areas. After moving to the Hunter Valley in 2009, Aaron was qualified as a trade arborist and later obtained Diploma of Arboriculture through TAFE NSW.

After winning contracts on large mining sites due to our exceptional safety standards, we shifted our focus from purely residential tree services to incorporate the broader scope of mining and civil construction.

Our name changed in 2014, and since then Assurance Trees has continued to expand with purchase of new plant and equipment, enabling efficient services to be delivered to our clients. We now have a team of qualified staff who are experienced in tree management and are dedicated to the art and science of arboriculture. With our fully integrated management system, we are well equipped and organised to deliver superior services on all our projects.

We continue to improve our services with new technologies and the latest techniques in the industry in order to supply the most professional tree services to our clients.

As urban tree management is considered one of the most high-risk industries in the world, having an effective safety management system is critical. At Assurance Trees, we have developed a safety management system which covers all aspects of daily operational responsibility and reporting requirements. This ensures our staff meet all safety requirements on a daily basis in order to maintain a safe and incident-free workplace. Our system incorporates easy-to-use, field-based software to control the following:

  • SWMS review and signing for every job by all workers onsite
  • Systematic questionnaires that promote effective risk analysis and provide feedback as to appropriate controls
  • Plant and equipment checks, and maintenance logs are completed – daily checks are conducted with the option of checks to be conducted on every site if this is our client’s requirement
  • Training, qualifications, licences, and verification of competencies for workers are recorded in each employee’s file (automatic alerts are sent to both management and employees for expiring licences and upcoming training obligations)
  • Effective reporting of incidents, near misses and health risks through a systematic form lodgement and review process that is 100% effective
  • Workflow and scheduling systems that integrate WHS requirements at multiple points along the project delivery path and provide all documents with location and time stamps for proof of due diligence
  • Audits of systems by our management team are carried out formally to develop improvements to our systems and maintain a continually progressive safety system that is proven to be effective

Effective communication onsite with state of the art arborist helmets fitted with high-quality Bluetooth intercoms. This enables our ground crew and climbers to communicate while operating loud machinery such as wood chippers and chainsaws. This advanced method of communication has been a significant contributor to improving onsite safety.

Our WHS management system is fully transparent as our clients are able to log in and access site-specific documentation at any time along the workflow process. All documentation is sent with claims so our clients never have to chase paperwork for their projects.

Our Quality Management System is integrated with all areas of the business to ensure quality along the workflow process; from client relationships to quality assessment of daily tasks conducted onsite by our teams. Our workflow and scheduling system ensures that our teams arrive on time with verification of exact locations and running times of machines available through our GPS fleet management system. We provide quality through the following:

  • Effective quoting and client management systems through our management app and desktop software
  • Drag and drop scheduling to enable jobs to be scheduled and delivered on time with all documents collected, reviewed, and recorded in job files – all available anytime
  • Auditing completed for projects to ensure best practice, codes of practice and relevant standards are followed for every job. This is made mandatory through our workflow system before a job can be lodged as ‘completed’. All audits are lodged through our app and are time and location stamped for verification
  • For clients using our schedule of rates, custom pricing is arranged so that all sites receive the agreed pricing with site-specific pricing available as well. Verification of crew hours, as well as machine arrival and run times, are available to our clients via our GPS fleet tracking system
  • Our staff are continually undergoing training and industry-related courses to improve their skills and knowledge

Transparency, and delivering on promises, are of the highest importance to us and we continually review our quality systems to ensure our clients are receiving the very best in the industry.

Managing trees for our clients is an important part of our local environmental responsibility. We have incorporated key aspects of our environmental responsibilities into our integrated management system to ensure we maintain excellent environmental stewardship. We value environmental sustainability, and all materials from the services we provide are turned into products that can be used by the local community. Environmental audits are carried out at all stages of the workflow process.

Our depot is located 20 mins from Maitland, where tree waste is recycled into various products and sold to the local community. The products made from the wood materials include:

  • Firewood
  • Mulch, stored and sold under EPA guidelines
  • Slabs of wood for furniture

All materials are sold to the public as we believe that locally-sourced products should be sold to support the local community and help create healthy gardens, warm houses, and sustainable wood products that last for generations.

Being specialists in the field of tree management, we understand that what we do has an effect on our community. As such, we believe it is our role to actively educate people on the methods of correct tree management. We encourage planting trees in greater numbers than those that have been removed, and include this option when providing services to our clients.

We are dedicated to informing people and businesses about the importance of correct tree management practices. We also are actively involved in video production to educate people within the industry on best practice and discussions relating to arboriculture practices. We also provide educational materials to the general public with advice tailored to suit our region and climate.

We are a local company employing local people and supporting our local economy. Supporting the local economy is a core principle of Assurance Trees, and underpins company financial decisions to support local businesses and families.

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